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The Fodera Story

The film looks to tell the story of Fodera Guitars. A small business, guitar manufacturer located in Brooklyn NYC. For the past 20+ years Fodera has been building instruments by hand in their small shop with a small team of passionate and dedicated builders, some who have been building since they were teenagers. Recently the company was facing closure as maintaining the demand for their instruments and managing a small business in a large city. They then partnered with one of their longtime customers to help maintain the business end of the business so they can dedicate their energy towards their instrument. The Fodera team is dedicated to building instruments individually, by hand, using old world methods. In an industry where many builders have exported their manufacturing to overseas countries as a way to be profitable and offer mass distribution, Fodera has maintained a small business ethic. Caring more about quality and customer service then anything else. In a big city such as New York, Fodera represents the success story of the “mom and pop” shop. It is more then just guitar shop but truly represents what is possible when passion meets commitment. Our documentary will be a combination of interviews with founders Vinny Fodera and Joey Lauricella and footage of them crafting their instruments. In the the interviews we are looking to discuss Vinny’s journey as a guitar maker, the struggles of being a small business in NY, why the ethics that they follow as a company matter, and most importantly what the next generation of young people who want to pursue their passions can learn and be inspired by through the success story of Fodera.

Created by AJ Productions at Hunter College in 2012 as part of Campus MovieFest, the world’s largest student film festival.

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